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Sunday, June 28, 2009

[Pictures] Stand by U Offshoot Movie

credit: Mr.TVXQ + loveprincemax@soompi + cassiELForever

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[Translation] 090627 Tohoshinki at FM Osaka Pikakin


All the Tohoshinki members were present!

It's been a long time, and just like the previous times, all the Tohoshinki members were present!
Let's proceed~

Tohoshinki is doing their national tour right now.
The performances in Osaka have been amazing!
There's 2 days left which will be held at the Tokyo Dome!

Although it's been fun here, Tohoshinki's summer activities do not end here.
This year too, they'll be participating in 『a-nation 2009』and Tohoshinki will perform 4 times.

On 29, 30 August, the performances will take place at Nagai Stadium, Kansai.
Therefore, for the interview this time, we played a game together with Tohoshinki called『Quiz! a-nation!!!』♪

The person who raises his hand and answers correctly, gets to eat the strawberries and cherries.
Everyone was very serious... (T/N: as in, they really wanna win)
They are really nice...

They sang the title call for『Toho Paradise』in accapella.
Really, thank you so much.
It's very kind of you.

To move on from here, it's impossible for us to not attend『a-nation 2009』
Everyone, let's go together to show our support for Tohoshinki!

Please come.
You absolutely have to come.

For detailed information on Tohoshinki, please go to 【東方神起 Official Site】!

source: [경찰대31기@dnbn + sharingyoochun (for Japanese text & pic)]
translation credits:
shared by: cassiELForever
Please do not remove without full credits

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[Translation] 090626 B-PASS Magazine Photoshoot - August 2009 Issue

Couple for the day
After the official photo shoot ended, the photographer took his own camera and said, "(I heard you can play now) Come closer", and Junsu immediately ran to Jejung's side. The staff standing at the side laughed and said, "These 2 look like lovers" (laugh).

On 27th May (Tues), 4pm~5.30pm, the interview took place in a recording studio. Many thanks to everyone. Writer Ebisawa, photographer Yamada, office personnel, AVEX representative and make up artist.

This month, in order to complement their summer single 『Stand By U』the 5 of them portrayed quiet and mature expressions. This explains the usage of dark lighting and the large couch.

The photo shoot started off from individual shots to group shots. The first is Jejung. The staff got Jejung to sit at the corner of the wall for a few test shots.

While the photographer adjusted the lighting and angle, Jejung kept his position and hummed the tune to the song. Yunho kept standing at the side to secretly peak at this sight of Jejung. (laugh). Actually, when it comes to the individual shots, everyone will peek at whoever is doing the shots.

Changmin who was at the make up room in front of the shoot area, suddenly popped his head out and looked around at the table. After spotting the donuts on the table, he thought about it for awhile before grabbing one and dashed back to the make up room. (laugh). The manager who saw this laughed embarrassedly and said, "Everyone, please pretend you didn't see that." It feels like that's the second donut. On the other hand, Yuchun who was on the phone while waiting for his shoot, has been having a cold lately, and coughed often.

During the interview, Yunho was holding on to the July issue of B-PASS, and when he saw that Jejung was number 5 in that issue's ranking for "Sleeveless Top 5", he passed it to Changmin, who passed it to Jejung, and in this way, everyone read the magazine. (laugh)

Source: [demonhome]
Picture: []
Translation credits:
shared by: cassiELForever

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[Pictures/Scans] Stand By U – Tohoshinki 28th Single

CD Version

CD + DVD Version

credit: ichigojj + cassiELForever

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[Pictures/Scans] Tohoshinki in B=Pass Magazine August Issue

credit: ichigojj +

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[Pictures] 090627 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic Concert – Bangkok (Part 3)

credit: pingbook + DNBN + cassiELForever
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