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Saturday, June 27, 2009

[Translation] 090625 U-Know’s UFO Replies to Chinese fans

Fan: Ge ge men you should eat more meat. Especially U-Know, or else you’ll become blind…
U-Know: Hehe, thanks! If I am blind, I can use my eyes, nose, and mouth…

Fan: Ge ge, are you human?
U-Know: Of course, a very good person…

Fan: Do you consider Cassiopeia pretty?
U-Know: Yes! They are the best…

Fan: Ge ge, I am very angry right now! If you can just reply to me, my mood will be ten times better.
U-Know: Do we have to be angry dear?

Fan: I want to be ge ge’s daughter~~
U-Know: Then from then on, you will be my daughter~~

Fan: I recieved a message from gee the other day. Now, I owe U-Know ge ge a piece of my loyalty!
U-Know: Really?

Fan: Jaejoong ge ge, I want U-Know ge ge to make a deal with me. If ge ge does not come out, please help me call him.
U-=Know: What do you want to say to me?

Fan: HOHO~~~ I want to select the day of the marriage!! What day is good?
U-Know: My daughter want to be my wife now? Haha!

Fan: Sorry U-Know ge ge, I cannot be by your side.
U-Know: happy.gif Don’t worry, we have a lot of fans.

Fan: My father up in heaven… Will ge ge reply to me today? I pray that he will~~ Ahmen.
U-Know: Your prayer has been realized. ^___^

Fan: I have ge ge’s picture on my cellphone.
U-Know: I must steal it ~~

Fan: Ge ge, in another six hours, I am going to have a surgery. I’ve been treated for four days in the critically ill hospital ward. Please help my feel better!
U-Know: Don’t hurt. You must rest.

Fan: U-Know ge ge, does age matter when it comes to love? I love you!
U-Know: Haha, the age is only a number. but I’m too shy o<^_^>o…

Fan: Haha~~ Do you want to see us?
U-Know: Yes, I do~

Fan: Ge ge, I cannot fall asleep. Please sing a lullaby to me!
U-Know: …Be good! Rest well, good night!
*ge ge=brother
ge ge men=brothers

Chinese translations: Yunhobaidu
English translations: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @
Special thanks to: xU*Ones*Vcass @ for finding the article

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