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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[Info] Korean Songs that US people listen most to

This is the ‘topchart’ of korean songs in USA. It’s ranked by number of times people listen.

1. Super Junior – Sorry , Sorry [109,387 times]

2. TVXQ! -wrong number [100,258 times]

3. Rain – Rainism [85,458 times]

4. Wonder Girls – Nobody [67,419 times]

5. Girl’s Generation – Gee [53,748 times]

6. TVXQ! – Mirotic [51,914 times]

7. BoA – Eat You Up [28,715 times]

8. Bigbang – Number 1 [16,499 times]

9. 2NE1 – FIRE [9,834 times]

10.Bigbang – Haru Haru [8,552 times]

11.Super Junior – Why i like you [5,304 times]

12.SHInee – Noona is so pretty [ 4,078 times]

credit: USA Vote Asia Song
shared by: cassiELForever

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