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Thursday, June 11, 2009

[News] Epik High Mithra "I'm a secret friend with Suju Kim Heechul"


Hip-hop group Epik High's Mithra Jin has talked about his friendship with Super Junior Kim Heechul

On the show MBC "Golden fishery - Radio star" which was aired on June 10th, when was asked about the relationship with Kim Heechul, member Mithra Jin said "I have to meet Heechul in secret like meet my girlfriend. Before, there was article about two of us dating so I have to be more careful when we're meeting."

Thereupon, Tablo and DJ Tukutz said "It's weird that whenever he (Mithra) met Heechul, either we dont know about it or he'd lie about it. Not long ago, he had lied to us when he came to Super Junior's dorm. But in the end, Heechul had written about it on his minihompy"

Mithra said "People tend to not believe that I'm friend with Heechul. It hurts me more and I feel the pressure of being friend. I'm close with Heechul because our personality are different"

source: osen freechal
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shared by: cassiELForever

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