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Monday, August 3, 2009

[News] TVXQ`s Public Announcement (English version)

TVXQ three members, made public announce " we never got appropriate treatment "

Xiah, hero, and micky made public announce through SeJong, on August 3rd.

They said, "During the five years after our debut, we were getting really tired mentally and physically because of the one-sided schedule of SM. The beauty business does not have any relationship with this situation."

here is the original interview.

1. During the five years after their debut, the three members were getting really tired mentally and physically because of the one-sided schedule of company.

Xiah, hero, and micky are the members of group TVXQ and they made debut in 2004. They had to travel Korea, Japan, and China and perform their schedules by sleeping only 3~4 hours a day except a week in a year by their management company, SM`s instructions. Their mental and physical health conditions were getting so worse because of the tired schedules, but SM tried to enter them to abroad and made unreasonable one-sided schedules. Finally, the three members realized that they cannot achieve what they want as artists in SM, and would be used as just tools to make profit of SM.

2. The period of 13 years actually means whole life contract.

however, according to their contract, the contract period is 13 years and would be more than 15 years including the military period that they will serve. And it means more than 10 years are remaining and it would be whole life contract that until when they would retire. And if they break the contract, they should pay more than three times of investment or two times of profit. Although they break the contract with the mutual agreement with SM, they have to pay the money. In other words, it was actually impossible to break the contract, so they had to follow them.

3. The members never got appropriate treatment that reflects how they tried.

It does not mean the members got appropriate treatment that reflects how they tried. Not only there was no deposit, but also they could get less than 10 thousand dollars only in the situation when the albums were sold more than a half million in one day, and if not, they could not get any money. according to the first contract. This was changed on Feb 6, 2009, but still the money that members are getting from the albums is only 0.4%~1% per person and it depends on how the albums were sold.

4. The members requested the changes of the inappropriate contract several times, but SM did not care.

In this situation, three members requested the changes of the inappropriate contract several times, but SM raised an issue about the beauty business that has nothing with this situation. Nevertheless, the three members wants to find a way that they could smooth over the problem so finally requested a conversation to SM, but SM did not answered it. Also, the attitude they showed us made them realized they cannot solve the problem with the conversation, and finally three members wants to use the legal way to solve this problem.

5. The beauty business investment is not related to the entertainment activities and also has nothing with this situation. The true essence of this situation would be inappropriate contract.

On the other hand, SM made a public announcement that members made provisional disposition because of the beauty business investment, but the beauty business investments nothing with this situation. The beauty business investment that SM made an issue is about the investment that three members invested to the beauty company entering to China, and it is a financial investment that has no relationship with entertainment activities. It does not make sense that `the members made provisional disposition that they might forgive everything they achieved as TVXQ because they invested almost 100 million dollars of money to the beauty company entering to China`. The true essence that the members wants to talk about of this situation would be inappropriate contract, and SM should stop trying to make an excuse immediately by telling about the beauty business investment that has nothing with this situation.

6. the members does not want to disorganize TVXQ and just try to get rid of inappropriate contract.

Lots of fans are worried about disorganization of TVXQ about this situation. however, making provisional disposition does not on the disorganization of TVXQ. Now, three members are participating the provisional disposition because of the difference of ideas about the way to solve the problem, but there is no problem between the members, and they are as same as the past that they want to keep promise they made with fans that they would be one forever together. If this situation change the inappropriate contract and they can do what they want as artists, everyone can be together as one in front of the fans.

7. We will think it as the chance to be more mature.

We are sorry that fans who care about TVXQ may surprised a lot and be disappointed, but if you try to think it would be the chance to be more mature for bigger dream, and cheer us, we will promise to compensate you as more mature TVXQ.

쥬리아님께서 덧붙여주신 PS입니다
P.S. To help your understanding as to why the number 3 of this article absolutely does not make any sense, it must be noted that there has been not many artists whose albums has been sold over 500,000 copies for almost a decade. On average, only about 100,000 copies are sold per album in the Korean music industry.

리플로 달아달라는 분들이 계셔서 윗글 삭제하고 리플로 올려요.
댓글달아주신 분들 죄송합니다 ㅠㅠ

틀린것, 수정할 부분 있으면 쪽지주세요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ.....
비루한 실력이지만 조금이라도 보탬이 되길..

허락 안 받으시고 퍼트려 주셔도 되어요.!!

Please spread this English version of article. You do not have to get my permission to move this article :).


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