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Thursday, May 28, 2009

[Translation] 090525 NHK MUSIC JAPAN Recording Fan Report

The MUSIC JAPAN event was recorded last 18th of May (Monday). Blog entry is up:

It will be aired on the 28th of June (Sunday).
In this event, MUSIC JAPAN's contest started with the applications. Over 50,000 people applied for the 3,000 seat-capacity of the NHK Hall. Amongst the 14 performers, TVXQ was the last and they were the best. GLAY did two songs, so will TVXQ do the same? Grounds(?) only did one song and it will be released in July. When another group started their instrumental song, in everyone's excitement, they thought it was TVXQ. The host was saying to everyone, "TVXQ won't come out, they will not!"
But suddenly, TVXQ came out in the red hall and everyone cheered excitedly.

It's our chance to watch and experience this event.

source: Jessamine (Bigeast fan entry)
translation Credits: mayenchaii @
shared by: cassiELForever

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