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Thursday, July 23, 2009

[Translation] Arena 37゜C August 2009 Issue - Part 2 (About Stand by U)

Q. What do you think of when you're performing "Stand by U"?
YC: This is a happy song, that everyone can sing together while smiling. Although just like "Forever Love", we hope to portray the emotions of the song, this song is somewhat different. It's more like placing our own feelings within the song, and letting them experience the emotions of the song naturally. We don't want to just move you when you hear the song, but to put in our own individual feelings as well; there's that kind of feeling.

JS: I'll think about the feelings of a guy who's been left behind all alone. It feels like I'm in the shoes of the male lead, performing this song while living in that 'world'.

CM: I'll think of the past, of the lonely feeling one gets when thinking of things that can no longer be remedied, and perform this song with that feeling. I'll hold on to the feeling of liking someone, it's not necessary to have the exact same scenario as depicted by the song, but to just try my best to bring myself as close to that 'world' as possible while performing.

YH: At first I thought that the feeling would be similar to "Why Did I Like You". After reading the lyrics, I felt that this song is more mature in comparison, so while I'm singing this, there's a need to try and express the feeling of suppressed love. There are some parts of the lyrics which I have never experienced personally, so I'll think "Is it this feeling?" while I'm performing.

JJ: I want to express the meaning of the lyrics as much as possible, and perform with the same feelings as the lyrics as much as possible. I'll think about how this situation could occur to me, about what I'd do if I was in this position; I carry these thoughts as I perform. Also, not only does the song have sad and lonely parts, but also parts that makes us smile gently while we sing. Upon separation, there's loneliness; this feeling is encompassed within the song, so while performing it, we can't help but make an expression similar to this feeling.

Q. While introducing this song at the Live, Changmin said this, "Everyone would have had this experience". After hearing the lyrics, do you have the feeling like "I've definitely experienced this"?
JJ: What's that?

Q. For example, "mistaking someone else's back for yours, countless disappointments".
YH: Yes, definitely! You'll think, "Ah? Is that...?" and then realise that you were wrong.

YC: You'll think, "It's definitely that person!" then when you see her face you go "Ah..." (he lays his face on the table, laughs).

Q. That expression seems like one full of disappointment (laugh). The lyrics also say "you left without saying goodbye". Among the members, is there anyone that acts alone without telling anyone, for example, disappearing without a word or eating something without saying?
CM: Me! (raises hand) At first I was thinking who could it be, but if it's about eating something without saying anything, it has to be me, of this I'm very sure (laughs).

Q. The things in the fridge are cleared out by Changmin unknowingly? (laughs)
CM: It's like that for the fridge, and also for the the stuff that we buy from the supermarkets (laughs).

Q. The phrase "like the most" appears in the lyrics. Right now, what is it that you "like the most"?
YH: Recently I've come to like the computer the most, even though mine has already been through a lot of wear and tear.

Q. Do you use it often?
YH: Instead of using it as a computer, I use it more often as a machine to play the DVDs.

YC: I like doing jigsaw puzzles the most! (At this moment, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that was used as a prop for the photoshoot were laid out on the table, and Changmin and Yuchun were continuing to fix the puzzle.)

Q. You only like it "now" right (laughs)?
YC: Ah, and I also like this ring a lot. It's a present from Junsu.

JS: It was a birthday present.

YC: Recently it seems that I've been constantly unlucky. Getting this ring is not exactly good luck, but it's more like I have peace of mind when I'm wearing it; I feel more relaxed.

Q. It seems like Junsu is very insightful went it comes to choosing presents.
YC: It's not like that, he's not insightful, it's just a coincidence.

YH: After receiving it, you haven't had any bad luck?

YC: Actually, no... But I'm still really happy to receive this gift.

JS: Thank you.

Q. I'll be asking about the PV next. How did you feel while filming it?
JS: This was an experience we never had. There are multiples of ourselves that appear within the PV, and I think the feeling it gives the video is that of a heavy-heart.

CM: On the day of filming, we arrived at the location at 8am, and only left the next day at 8am. During that time, we filmed continuously, and didn't sleep for even a minute. To complete something all at one go within 24 hours, without even a minute of sleep, this was the first time I experienced that in my life (laughs).

YC: Instead of feeling it was hard on us, what I felt was that because I like "Stand by U" so much, I want to quickly do the cover and PV. So, I bought a camera the day before filming, and took a lot of pictures at the location myself. I felt really happy. Also, this PV doesn't have any dance portions, so this made me feel lucky too (laughs).

Q. But you have to show so many expressions when you are performing.
YC: But the expressions come naturally, under the influence of the song. If feels like it just naturally exudes from the song.

JJ: Also, besides the members' version, there's also the drama version of the PV. After seeing the main lead in the drama version, as a man, I empathise. Your own girlfriend marrying another man without even saying "goodbye"... I think it's too much... But the male lead still accepted it without being sore about it. That's why I thought, "So there's still this kind of feeling too". After that, I still thought about it a lot.

YH: Whether it's the members' version or the drama version, I hope that everyone will like it. And also to 'feel' these two PVs in accordance with the lyrics.

Q. On the other hand, the love song "Tea for Two" seems to express the pleased smiles shared between lovers.
JS: I think this is a really nice image (laughs).

Q. In the lyrics, there's a part that says "hugging you from the back while you're cooking". Among the members, who is most likely to do this?
YC: Me!

Q. You really answered as quickly as I asked the question~ (laugh)
YC: Although I've never actually done it before, but it's definitely me.

Q. But I think that Jejung seems to fit this image more.
YC: Wrong, wrong, it's definitely me (laughs).

Q. You're really fighting for it.
JJ: But I want to try that too. I think this is the image one gets of an ideal relationship. It should feel really great. Both looking really happy.

JS: Although it's embarrassing to say it, but I really want to experience this kind of love at least once. This way, I'll feel happier than anyone, isn't that so?

Q. What does Changmin think of this kind of sweet feelings...?
CM: Suddenly... I feel like working hard to do this.... But, I want to look for a girlfriend first (laughs). (Everyone bursts out laughing!!)

Q. Alright, alright (laughs). One last question; there are lyrics in "Stand by U" that depict the feeling of happiness, then, when do the members feel happy? First, let's talk about the personal moments when you feel happy.
YC: When I'm eating ramen. I feel happy when I hear the word "ramen" (laughs).

YH: For me, when I'm in my own room thinking of nothing, passing time leisurely, I feel happy at moments like these.

JS: I'm happiest when it's time to sleep! Not just sleeping per se. But when all the work has been completed, and being able to go back to my room to sleep with a peace of mind. This kind of feeling is really good!

JJ: For me, it's also when I've completed my work after working hard at it, especially... finally being able to relax after a Live performance is over, that feeling is really good.

CM: For me, it's when I'm taking a bath. Fill it with hot water, then getting into the water, and even playing soothing music that relaxes you; that kind of feeling is really great.

Q. Then, what about moments of happiness during work?
YH: When a Live just begins, the moment where we just step on stage, and the faces of the audience enter my vision, I feel really happy then.

YC: When singing "Somebody To Love", and after the performance when we throw our towels at the staff and think in our hearts "It's over~", I'm really happy at that moment.

JS: I feel happy when I shower after a Live is over.

JJ: When the 5 of us are standing together on stage, I feel really happy. When Junsu got hurt, and only 4 of us stood on the stage, I couldn't feel happy at all. So, after Junsu got better, and the 5 of us could stand on stage and dance together, I felt extremely happy.

CM: At the very end of a Live, when we, together with the band and our dancers, bid farewell to everyone; the moment when we all raise our heads, there's no happiness comparable to that.

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