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Friday, July 31, 2009

[Translation/Pictures] Nikkan Daily Sports: Jejung Interview


The Mom of the group, Hero Jejung.

At home, cooking for his friends, a very optimistic guy even in the worst situation.

The youngest from 9 siblings, and the eldest son among the girls, Jejung has a middle character that is full of assurance.

He was still in 6th grade of elementary school when became newspaper delivery-boy.

In group, there’s a presence of Hero Jejung (23) as a mother. With Yunho as the leader who leads all 5 members altogether, they left their home country and he’s the one who takes care of the home-made dishes. “But recently due to the busy schedule, I tend to run away from households things (laughs). I couldn’t even make up my own room, no way I’m a good mother.”

He became newspaper delivery boy in 6th grade of elementary school, part time job delivering chicken when he was in junior high, and already living alone at the age of 15 to pursue his dream to become an artist.

“When I look back everything, I thought it would be tough. But there’s no things like painful memory to me. That is a really good experience.” He comes with such positive thinking. Talking about reactions from 2005 in Japan when they’re still unaccepted, “We want to go back to Korea,” many times minds like that was revealed. “But we need to overcome the big wall, as we have to believe that we will.” Those words moved the heart.

Living with instinct

He had his own analysis of his character, “Simple, I’m not one who calculates everything. I live with instinct. If there is a troublesome work and that’s the only work available at that time, I’ll try to seek the fun side of it.” For him, game and alcohol are important.

“When all members drink alcohol in joy, we will soon forget the eeriness of work. I’m type that is good with any alcohol, but what I drink most is beer and soju. I’m not weak with alcohol but one who drinks the most is Changmin.”

Tension as weak point.

His weak point is “tension weakness”. When they mobilized 100,000 audiences for two days in Tokyo DOME concert, “I was definitely nervous. I was surprised with the scale of the venue. It was the greatest venue which I have never been experienced til now.

I was shocked to see all audiences lighting up pen light, and Tohoshinki as the point of attraction in the middle of red venue.

There’s a shinning feeling to be surrounded like that.

Maybe I sound like a great pretender, but I really thought that it was really insane. In our early days, we only got to perform in front of less than 100 audiences, even the connection with them was the best, But it’s not something to be proud of.

“Then I got a letter from fan. Said that Tohoshinki had to hang in there. The most important thing was not how big the venue is, but the size of the artist itself.”

When Tohoshinki stands side to side, it’s always Hero Jejung who is in the middle in group. One who is optimistic and has role as a wonderful mother.

Hero Jejung Profile:
- born on January 26th, 1986. The oldest son and youngest among 9 siblings.
- 178 cm, 60 kg
- main vocal
- Blood type O

- this is family. We’re not connected by blood, but our time together is like a real family. I want to do anything together for a long time with them.

If not become a part of the group?

- A clothing store owner. I really like clothes. I’ll be the one who chooses clothes for the members.

- peeling sausages. I ever got challenged to peel sausages in a program to see the best, and I’m the fastest.

Favorite singer?

- Fukuyama Masaharu, he got an one of a kind charming voice.

Strong and weak point?
- I’m good at cooking dishes. When members eat my dish, I would feel really glad. My weak point is I have a weak tone. I’ll always be the one who make failures in recording.

credit: xiahyu-ri+alwaysjj+dnbn
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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